Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I received my newest Barbie case last week and I love it. The pink and aqua colors are so cute!

I found this collector plate Saturday at a flea market. It features an American Girl Barbie wearing Sophisticated Lady.

This has to be one of the most unique Barbie's I've ever seen! It is a Goldie Hawn Barbie coming out this Fall.

With this year being Barbie's 50th Anniversary several company's are coming out with Barbie merchandise. Here is a photo I saw online of a Bloomingdale's store.

I love this photo! Look closely at the woman's jewelry. Her beautiful Barbie tiara is $500.00! The collection is by Tarina Tarantino and the collection is beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you a good day, Lindsey

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doesn’t this little guy just make you smile? When I picked this up at the flea market, I told my son, “Oh, I found something I love!” It's the cutest little wall pocket I have ever seen.

Lindsey and I picked up some old post cards this weekend. I love that these are still around after all these years. The oldest one is from 1903.

Remember when I showed you my collection of tea trivets and that I collected them for my cousin until she decided she had to many? Well, I was looking in the drawer where I always kept them for her until she came for a visit. Inside was a wrapped package just like I always left them until I was ready to give her. I thought this was strange because I really thought I had given her all of them. I started opening the paper that was wrapped around it and my mouth fell open as it was revealed.

Mushrooms! What is the chance that I accidentally forgot to give her this one?! I don’t even remember seeing it before or where I might have gotten it. They usually stand out in my mind because they are not a common find. I'm really excited to add this one to My collection!

For Valentine’s day Lindsey bought me this pretty apron on etsy.

I’ve struggled with my health lately and the Dr. gave me some news that scared me. After some testing, my worst fears are not the case so I am very happy right now and want to let you all know that you should not take your health for granted. Be thankful everyday for your health because it could all change tomorrow.

Embrace those you love and cherish the things you enjoy.

Wishing you much happiness.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finding a real treasure is what makes thrifting, garage saling and going down countless rows of flea market booths so much fun. Knowing that one of these times you will find something really special.

Mom was lucky enough to find this treasure a while back while looking in a thrift store with my Brother.

This 1963 case. Inside was a Twist N Turn Barbie and a couple outfits.

Here is the Barbie. Poor thing has seen much better days. But she still has a certain charm to her sweet little face.

Inside the case was this outfit called Barbie in Holland (1964) #0823. It's missing a few pieces including a pair of wooden shoes.

I am still enjoying playing around with my Skipper Dream Room. Here is a photo showing Barbie wearing a petticoat from the popular Plantation Belle #966 outfit from 1959.

Here is a photo of a dresser I have in the corner of my bedroom showing off some of my favorite Barbie items along with beautiful wooden roses and feathers that I found at Hobby Lobby that are gorgeous!

This is a beautiful case I found on etsy last week. I knew when I saw the pink and aqua colors that I had to add it to my collection! I can't wait to get it!

This is one of the new Barbie's from the Fall 2009 collection. I LOVE her dress featuring images from vintage Barbie booklets.

Wishing you happiness today, Lindsey

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The sweetest times in my life are the times spent with my children. The three of us are very close. We spent so much time together as they grew up. Dad was always working or sleeping so we had lots of time to play and love and learn together.

My son gave me this adorable bear for Valentine’s day. It is an Annette Funicello angel bear named Twyla. He had to get it for me. He said it was my guardian angel.

He also gave me this Hallmark ornament that is heart shaped, perfect for Valentine’s day and also dated the year I was married.

Lindsey made me the most gorgeous wall hanging. The picture does not do it justice.

Both my children love to go flea marketing. I get to go both Saturday and Sunday with each of them. Sunday afternoon with Jordan I picked up this very sweet planter.

Last week with Lindsey I found this unusual baby planter.

This past week I made myself a shawl out of wool yarn. I wanted something to just throw around my shoulders on cold mornings to keep me warm. It is very soft and warm.

Lindsey found some vintage valentines as she told you in the last post. There was one card that I just loved. I kept saying how I loved it so she pulled it out and gave it to me. I just love clocks.

I will always love spending time with my dear children and the fun we have treasure hunting at flea markets will always be a special memory for each of us.

Cherish each passing moment, the laughter and the tears . . . for days go by so swiftly, and gather into years.

Wishing you all much happiness! Twyla

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. We have!

Mom (Twyla), my Brother Jordan, and I celebrated with gifts of chocolates and goodies!

Jordan gave me a huge bag filled with chocolate, vintage valentines and this Hello Kitty strawberry pillow that matches my new comforter set. Mom also gave me a beautiful stack of vintage valentines and chocolate.

He also gave me this cute stuffed doggy from one of my favorite show and a vintage kitty picture!

Mom gave me this cute pink rubber poodle toy. I really enjoy these sweet little toys!

Today at the flea market's I couldn't help but to find yet another stack of valentines that I couldn't leave behind!

In the same booth as the valentines were two boxes filled with old postcards they were all so beautiful that it was hard to get any because I couldn't decide which ones I liked best. I ended up getting these three.

I spotted these sweet little photos of this woman and she was so cute holding out her cake!

I also found this bunny candle by Gurley. Cute isn't he?

I found this mushroom valentine on etsy last week and knew that it would be perfect for Mom since she has started collecting mushrooms!

I wanted to share with you this Valentine paper bag album that I made last year.

I don't usually ever use my real valentines. I scan them and use the copies but on this one I took photo corners and arranged them so that I could safely add and remove the originals.

If you have never made a paper bag album then you should try because it is so much fun and easy .

Mom and I enjoyed making them and looking at the ones listed for sale on ebay for inspiration!

While making it I thought I would sell it but I have become so attached to it that I don't think I ever could!

I hope you all have a very special day filled with love and chocolate!

Lindsey and Twyla