Monday, March 31, 2014

Yarn Love

Hello sweet friends!
My little dog, Barney, is just as
crazy about yarn as I am!

I am always taking pictures of him with
my yarn because he looks so adorable!

To him, a skein of yarn is a pillow. 

He's my sweet little buddy!
It was a cold winter so I let his fur grow.
Soon he will be going to the groomer!

Happy April!
I hope you all are having
a wonderful week!
Love, Twyla
"As the Father loved Me, I
also have loved you, abide in
My love." - John 15:9

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Mary said...

Ahhhh....Barney is so cute. He looks right at home in the middle of your yarn, smart boy!

Sandy said...

Barney is adorable!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Aw! Yarney Barney! ♥

Mrs. Smith said...

What a loveable little fellow your Barney is! Heehee-Yarney Barney - gotta love that! :)
Enjoyed your post and getting to see your little buddy! Is he a poodle?

John 15:9 is my favorite scripture! Jesus loves us like the Father loves Him - WOW! Isn't that something!!

Theresa said...

What a sweet little furrball:). Enjoy your day dear Twyla, hugs!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Little Barney is just adorable!
Hey! You need to give me the name of your favorite yarn or fabric shop so I can get the gift certificate to you for my 5th Blog Birthday win! Send me an email with a shop name and phone number...or let me know if you want a Joanne Fabrics GC so I can get one for you!
Donna (and Tag)

Melinda said...

What a sweetie!

M : )

Beedeebabee said...

He's such a little cutie! With all the fluffy, white fur, he almost could pass for a little lamb snuggled in with all that yarn...and what a pretty blanket that is! xo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

He's so cute! Jingles is all over my yarn, too. Happy April! Tammy

Scrap for Joy said...

He's smart to know where to go for the softest nap! Congratulations on your win with Donna @Brynwood Needleworks! I won a table runner last year that I absolutely love!

Simply Shelley said...

Maybe you could spin his fur into yarn :-) He is very cute just as he is....blessings

GardenOfDaisies said...

Barney is the cutest!! I don't blame him for wanting to lay his head on that soft, cushie yarn skein. :-)