Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Twyla on Tuesday

Hello Ladies!
It was quite a busy weekend!
I did manage to get in some treasure
hunting and found three more small pottery
vases to add to my collection.

This is a Little Boy Blue that I found awhile back.
I think he is so cute.

We participated in the Mad Hatter Tea Party hosted by Vanessa of
A Fanciful Twist.  It is always so much fun to
plan our own tea party and then go around and visit the
others.  We had a giveaway on that post and
we will announce a winner this Thursday.
If you haven't attended our party yet,
you can see the post directly below this one.

It was such a timely surprise to find this sweet little
Alice in Wonderland figurine this weekend!
She is by Disney and was issued in 1960.
You can be sure to be part of the festivities next year!

For the first time, I painted a picture for the tea party.
It is Alice falling down the rabbit hole.
I am not a great painter, but
I am having so much fun painting again.
I stopped for awhile, but now that is all I
want to do!

I am sharing this July 4th postcard.
It is one of my favorites in my collection.
Just look at those colors!
It is dated 1912.

I want to remind everyone of the ATC bloghop
that we are hosting this Friday, July 1st.

All you have to do is create a 2 1/2" X 3 1/2"
card with a patriotic theme.
You will then link it to our blog Friday.
We will have the link up at midnight.
We hope you all can join us to
celebrate our country and appreciate
everyone's art.
We'll also have a giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Have a wonderful week!


Linda said...

Very nice find. I am following you now...

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

What a wonderful painting, Twyla! You certainly have been busy and I have been,too. I feel really happy! ♥

Kathryn Ross said...

Sweet treasures, Twyla! Looking forward to all the wonderful ideas to be shared at your ATC blog fest on the 1st! I plan to be drinking in all the red, white, and blue with Sousa playing in the background!
Miss Kathy

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Pretty blus pottery!
I must get going on my ATC!!!
Have a lovely day!
deb :)

Marilyn said...

I so love the color of vintage pottery ! !
Have a Wonderful Day!
Love, Marilyn

PinkGranny said...

I love it all! What great finds.

Angela said...

I especially love the pottery. You have such pretty vases!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the image! I know I can use it this week. I love that Alice figurine. Have a good week!

Diane Mars said...

I LOVe Vintage pottery, they have such soft glazes I think McCoy is one of my favorites~ oxox, Diane

ILoveCollecting said...

YAY for POTTERY!! Great finds! :-)

Sophia said...

Love your little treasures/vases. Adore those. And your painting is super fab! :) Happy Tuesday!

ImagiMeri said...

Hello Ladies,

Twyla, as usual your work is stellar! I'm really enjoying your recent paintings. Lindsey, I wanna' do another swap with you possibly around either Halloween or Christmas......whaddaya say?


Cheryl said...

I just love the pottery vases...beautiful colors. Always enjoy your blog!

Nan said...

I love you pottery finds girls. I will try and make a tag, let you know if I do.