Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Party

Night fell on the decrepit cottage.
Darkness clung to the windows.

The old crone arose, ready to begin her day.
 Her deeds were not performed by light, but by the dark of night.

The hinge on the old trunk squeaked as she raised the lid.
Lifting the molding frock that had been her wedding dress.

She knew the furry of a woman scorned alright.
Revenge had become her life's goal.

The lid slammed down with a cloud of dust covering the wart on her nose.

The lovely Vanessa with her Fanciful Twist was full of talent, love and hope.
While the old crone had traded happy endings to that of a tortured soul.

A day she despised, full of camaraderie and frivolity. 
She stirred the cauldron, cooking her spell, to cast a shadow of
chaos to spoil the mood.

She knew her plan would be defeated once more as parties
and revelry prevailed.

She may as well resign herself to her miserable resolve
and try to cook up some trouble for someone else.

Enjoy your day and we hope you enjoyed our haunted tale!

Twyla and Lindsey

Let's all join Vanessa and the other Party participants
 for some spooky fun!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Boo to you! And I thought you girls were all things sweet. I see you have a spooky side too. Have a haunting weekend. :) Tammy

Kelly said...

Wow your decorations are amazing! I loved the story. Very spooky!

Happy Halloween, Kelly

Tracy Suzanne said...

You guys are so much more than crafters. Decorators, writers, storytellers and display artist extraordinaire! Great job on all of the above.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Leslie said...

BOO! I love it all. Have a happy weekend girls.

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Creepy,Cute And Lots Of Fun...Jil

Her Art Nest said...

Awesome mantel decor! I love it! Happy Haunting, Nancy

BucksCountyFolkArt said...


The spooky story gave me chills! The decorations are totally fabby!

I really, really like the sparkly chain. Did you make it?


queen-of-nostalgia said...

LOVE it! What great decorations, pics, and fabulous story :)

the queen of nostalgia

Ana Balbinot said...

What a wonderful post! I LOVE the pictures and all the production!
Thanks for your visit and comment at my blog!

DogsMom said...

Your dark side shows itself!
Such amazing things to be seen here.

Creative Breathing said...

Two Crazy Crafters, have I told you lately just how much I adore your blog! Your love of a party is the cutest thing about you both! Can't wait for the costumes! Elizabeth

Cassie said...

I love it all!!!
Off to check out Vanessa!!

Lenora said...

Wonderful party and photos - very creative!

- please do come on over to our graveyard / party The Graveyard and feel free to add to our Shrine To Honour The Dead if you are so inclined! Blessings.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a fabulously fun post! Thank you for inviting us to play here. :)

I would be most delighted if you came to visit my enchanted Halloween Faerie Tale & giveaway:

Enjoy the parties!

Kelly Jeanette said...

Great post-very creepy. I love the mantle.
Do come and join me at my party at

Que Bella said...

What a wonderful party! And such great decorations! Thanks for sharing:)

Aurelia said...

Great party poat :) You have some fab pictures there!

This is mt first blog-party but I'm having a really fun time so far :D

Sherry said...

Really love your beautiful decor. Such wonderful vintage style mixed with Halloween props. Looks delightfully spooky! Very fun. Thanks for stopping by.

Kari Desi said...

Thanks for visiting my party. Yours is spooky and I love all your images. By the way, I happened to see you too over at Harrington Manor cavorting with Johnny Depp. Happy Halloween!

Vicki O'Dell said...

Spooky! Love the mantle decor! Thanks for visiting my blog!
I will be back to visit again soon!


Justina said...

Tywla and Lindsey!
I had so much fun at your party! I love your incorporation of the Ouija Board and Witch Hazel... very lovely touches :-)
Thank you for visiting my party as well !

PinkGranny said...

Very wonderfully done! I am now ready for a party! Enjoy it you have outdone yourselves.

LYNDY WARD said...

This is sooooo much fun!!!
Love your blog & your creations.
Please fly by for my giveaways too...
Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

Gloriously WICKED!!!! Oh Twyla and Lindsey, I just adore you girls. You are very dear to my heart!!

Your fieplace in incredible and your vignettes are splendid beyond! Love the window shot too!!

Your Ouija board made my shoulders shiver!!

Much love, and thank you so much, for always sharing the magic!!

♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Such a lovely Halloween post and just a bit spooky too!

Thank you so much for visiting with me!!!

Wishing you A Most Happy Blog Party Weekend,


Sarah said...

What a wonderful Halloween party thank you!

Sonia ;) said...

Very awesome post...Loved the photos and the story.


Ps. thank you for visiting me.

Shelley said...

I spied a cute little Jack o' Lantern girl on your it...the rest is very spooky....someone is a great story teller...blessings

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I loved the tale and the decorations too!
Thank you for visiting me. :)

Sandy Michelle said...

What a spook'tacular tale! Happy Hauntings boo'tiful ladies!

Sandy xox

mermaiden said...


Delighted you could stop by my festivities as well- thank you :D

Jo said...

Thanks so much for dropping by! Oh how I love your mantle and decorations!!! Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!

Tammy said...

What a spooktackular party ladies! So glad I stopped in for a thrill. Love that you were featured in Artful Blogging. Congrats!

Keisha - Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams said...

How absolutely fun! Thanks for visiting my sweet party - and thank you for inviting me to yours!

Romeo said...

I think your party was absolutely, wait I mean awful, terrible, right? Is that the correct attitude? Yeah, I think that was it....but I really did enjoy myself. That's okay, isn't it?!?

Purrs for a splendid Halloween!

Romeo and "her"

Sophia said...

You have a rocking party going here. Wow! It has to be one of my top favourites yet. Ohhhh...allow me to mingle among your guests and chit chat for an hour or two! :)

Check out Harrington Manor Ball today.

Lori said...

what a wonderful story! The old crone should just join the party and perhaps it would be a smile on her wicked face! thanks for sharing your wonderful tale. Oh, and thanks for stopping by A Scrapmoms Musings.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...


Incipient Wings said...

what a great the way the mantle looks so creepy cute!

Sylvia said...

Chilly tale, great decorations...had a great time at your scary party.

Happy Halloween,

Marina Capano said...

Great pics! I love them!
so creepy cute!
Fantastic quija!
Happy Halloween!


Visit me anytime!!!

Halloween Folk Art by Melissa Valeriote said...

What a wonderful place. So happy to have stopped by. Happy Halloween.

So Dark So Cute said...

Such a beautiful post!
I'm sorry i'm a day late :-(
I also had my halloween party yesterday,but i was gone all day,so i couldn't celebrate with all of you party people :-)

Jacqueline said...

Looks like fun is ahead. Thanks for the heads up!

Jorgelina said...

What a wonderful post!
what a great story...
Happy Halloween!

JoAnne said...

I'm fashionably late but so glad I made it! Fabulous party!!!!!

MarZel said...

Fabulous photos. Thank you for having me. If you havent already please come on over and sign up to win my giveaway at

Wendy said...

Twyla and Lindsey,
What a wonderfully Spooky tale. I loved it. I loved the stone fireplace and all the spooky goodies to see. I am enchanted and am so glad you invited me in.
Spells and Wishes,
Wendy from Wonderland

Sylvia Smiser said...

What a great posting. I had a lot of fun here. I do hope we can have you over for our halloween party.

Shopgirl said...

This looks like so much fun...I just love Halloween!!!
Come over and read a little story i did ...I think you might like it.
Big Hugs, mary

Carrie said...

too cool!

Leann said...

Holy Mackerel - you girls go all out! I'm impressed!!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You both rock!

Renee said...

I loved your post. Love all your decorations. My collection is still growing. I love Halloween.

Thanks for coming by my blog.

I'll be back.

Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

Ooh spooky fabulous! Love all your bottles of potion ingredients. Thanks for having us for a visit!

Dajon said...

Sending Halloween wishes to you both.
Thanks for visiting our party.

Great spooky post

Sara said...

Such a lovely party you have here. Love your mantel. Thanks for popping over. xx

Dapoppins said...

ooo, I would love to sip cider and walk through your haunted halls!

Elyse said...



Lynda said...

Cute tale! :) Loved the story too. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Have a good day :)

Susan said...

MHUAAAAHAAAAAAA!!! you evil women you! ;)
Your plan was foiled again! (but, aah um, I could give you some names) LOL

Thanks for the fun, awesome decor!


come visit:
pre-party post(Fri.) Party post with giveaway(Sat.) and post-party post (Sun.)

GARAGE SALE GAL said... two are so amazing! What a great story and decorations! I expected to see "her"...somewhere lurking in a corner!
Have a great week..sorry I didn't visit sooner..HUGE computer issue on Saturday that didn't get fixed until yesterday...
deb :)

Plumrose Lane said...

What a lovely party you held, had such a wonderful time!

Linda said...

I have had the greatest time at your party. Very creative and fun. I know that you had fun too. Great photos. Please visit me:

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Twyla and Lindsey!
So sorry to be late to the party! (it was our anniversary weekend)
What spooky fun you've been having over here! Such fun to see another side of the Two Crazy Crafters, more sinister than sweet. I loved your narrative and my gosh, what a ghoulishly good time I had looking at all your decor.
Your joy at making every day special is contagious. I can't wait for Christmas! :)
Wishing you a lovely week,

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Wow! It looks so spooky! Great job!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Magical party post! You creative cuties did an amazing job as always! Your story was spooktacular! :)

Dogwood said...

Fun and oh so scary! Boo! You did a fabulous job. Love it all.

Romy of Pixie Paper Arts said...

Great story telling! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing

Elizabeth said...

Hi girls! I love what you've done with the place :) Engaging writing skills!

Do come and visit when you have an opportunity

Carolee said...

What a wonderful post, and fabulous photos!!

Happy Halloween! :)
~ Carolee

Annabelle said...

Sorry for my tardiness, had little troubles that sorted themselves out fortunately.
So glad I still decided to drop in! Amazing decorations, luv them all particularly the window in orange.

I'm having a draw for a little something for HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31ST so do drop in for a little while if you can.

( )

•*´¨*.•*´¨*~^..^~*Annabelle.•*´¨*.•* *