Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Barbie Wednesday

Hello friends!
We sre still super busy working on our craft room redo here at Two Crazy Crafters! My Barbie collection is also located in our craft room, so it's getting a redo too!!! Yay!

So everything is in stacks as we work on geting everything together!

We can't wait to share our treasures with you!
Wishing yo a day of fun, Lindsey


queen-of-nostalgia said...

I hear you! I like to reorganize and revamp my space, but I also hate that it interferes with my crafting.

Love the Ken as Cowardly Lion :)

Hey- did you see Graphic45's Alice in HalloweenLand paper yet? I bet you will SO dig it :)


Mruna Mistry said...

Can't wait to see your barbie collection! and how you display them!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Glad that Barbie gets some new digs, too! ♥

Heidi Ann said...

Can't wait, I tell you - can't wait!!

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Lindsey, I've had a late night trying to make a Seaside album from viewing your photos again and again! I can't wait for your tutorial and sing your praises in my post this evening. Your newest layout is fabulous! I hope their sales take a leap from your spot as guest designer. You have made September the best paper month ever! Elizabeth