Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Barbie Wednesday

Hello friends, my Barbie Wednesday post today was going to feature Mattel's Nurse Barbie dolls, but blogger will only load this 1 photo.
It is of the 1961 Registered Nurse #991 outfit. This outfit came with lots of cute little accessories that can be hard to find. A nurses hat, a diploma, a hot water bottle, a medicine bottle and a metal spoon.
Mattel released a reproduction this year of the Registered Nurse Barbie .

So sorry for such a short post! Hopefully blogger will work out it's uploading issues soon.

Wishing you a creative day, Lindsey


D said...

Hi, Lindsey,

Loving the nurse outfit. Nurses sure don't look like that anymore, though. :)


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

1961 was my birth year! I bet today's nurses are glad they don't have to wear those tight dresses to work! They sure were cute, though!

If I am loading scanned pics to blogger, I have to load them one at a time. I haven't had trouble loading any others, though. ♥

Heidi Ann said...

I loved seeing the outfit, Lindsey - that's enough for me!

Dogwood said...

My daughter is a RN. She would get a real "kick" out of those nursing outfits!!!

I am having a give-away. I have been blogging for one year now.


Teena said...

gorgeous, I <3 Barbie! lol

DeeDee said...

I had to send this link to my mom. She loves vintage Barbie's and she is an RN. TFS!