Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Things on Friday

Hello!  I'm sticking my head in here on Friday
to share five things with you from my week.

First of all, I revisited this project that has
been sitting around for literally years, waiting
to be finished.  I made these granny squares in '09
inspired by Cath Kidston's beautiful red granny
square afghan.  For whatever reason, the squares
were laid aside, I even gave a few away! 
I stumbled upon them yesterday and decided
to finish it up!  I will show you the finished
afghan soon!

The picture below was taken Tuesday morning when
I stuck my head out the door right after awakening.
   I grabbed the camera to capture the snow sticking to the branches.
I'm glad I did because before long it
melted off.

Sunday, I visited St. Charles, MO.
I love the historical buildings here and
it's always fun to walk along and picture
a time long ago.

I'm going to share a sneak peak with you!
This is a project I've been spending A LOT of time on!
I got the idea from Pinterest and I will be back
to show you the full reveal soon!

The last thing I wanted to show you today
is my little Barney.  His favorite place to lay
is on top of the back of the couch.  I don't know
how he keeps from falling off, but he totally
snoozes out perched precariously.
He's such a little sweetie and brings his
mommy so much joy.

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Love, Twyla

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Diane said...

All nice pictures! Barney is too cute!

Theresa said...

Oh what a cute little puppy:) Barney is precious! Love the afghan, can't wait to see it all finished! Enjoy your day dear friend, snow picture is awesome:) HUGS!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Pretty blanket, I can't wait to see the whole thing! Aw Barney is so cute too! :) Happy Friday! xx Holly

Simply Shelley said...

I enjoyed seeing your five things...your Barney is a sweetie indeed. My Duke used to do that very same thing,but with his old age, he isn't able to any longer :( Your afghan is beautiful,and I can't wait to see that finished project....blessings friend

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Barney must have good balance! My butters walks across the back of the couch but she doesn't try to sleep there.

Love your crate project and love your afghan! I'm so glad you decided to finish it! ♥

vintage grey said...

Beautiful afghan and sweet photos!! happy weekend to you! xo Heather

usagypsy said...

Had to smile when I saw the picture of your Barney :) I had a little Poodle/Peke mix years ago and she used to do the very same thing. Almost cat like! I loved that little, spoiled dog! She lived till she was a old lady of 15 years! Thanks for taking us along on your journeys! I love to see all your pictures!

Nan said...

Nice photos and espeically your sweet doggie.

PattieJ said...

Oh my gosh!! This is so funny! I just dug out one of my unfinished "cath kidston inspired"crochet blankets back from 2010 and decided to finish it too!!I love yours! I made a red one like that too back in 2008.;)

KATHY said...


Elizabeth Andrus said...

Hi Twyla! It is so nice to see a post from you especially with one of your beautiful crocheted pieces. And Barney to boot! Wonderful! You sure have me curious about your project. I'll be back! Elizabeth

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