Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Lamby Pie!

Hello friends!
Here is today's valentine!
I love collecting these sweet little cards so much! Always so full of joy and color!
I have been collecting these for several years now from local Antique shops and flea markets.

Have a lovely day, Lindsey

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Creative Breathing said...

Lindsey, I have so enjoyed all of the Valentines you have been sharing. I wish Valentine's Day could just continue all year next to the other ones that come along.
Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

Mary said...

This valentine reminds me of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb.' I always loved that little verse, I wonder why..teehee

Nan said...

Another very sweet share thanks so much sweetie.

The Vintage Folk Painter said...

This one is really pretty, it reminds me of childhood.