Saturday, June 16, 2012

Antique Children's Book Pages

Hello friends!
I love vintage children's books!
Especially ones filled with colorful illustrations,
 but I picked up one recently that
 only had a couple illustrations in it.

This book is called, Once Upon A Time from 1931.
I love this copyright page! Mushroom houses
 and fairies are awesome!

Not sure how both fairies and Mother illustrations go together,
 but maybe someday I will sit down and read it!

Have a beautiful day, Lindsey

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A Vintage Chic said...

Books with illustrations like this are just about my favorite thing! So glad you shared this today, Lindsey!

Hope you're both having a wonderful weekend...


Olivia sticks with Layla said...

Just came across your blog! Love the use of strong ink lines on the brown paper in these illustrations, great find