Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twyla on Tuesday - Rainy Day

Hello, my dear friends!
 I've never taken
myself very seriously and thought I might as well
take this opportunity to poke a little fun at myself.
I don't always have a crochet hook in my hand.  I
do try to get outside and get some exercise once in awhile.
I love walking especially when it's a beautiful spring day.
Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate though and you
end up getting more rain than you bargained for!

This is what happened Sunday.
The weather teased us making us think it would clear.  Parking the car, we
set off on a favorite path.  In the above picture it was just
a sprinkle.  By the time we got back to the car I was drenched!
Can you see the water on my glasses?! 
My bangs were dripping wet, too!

My son thought it was funny and wanted to take
a picture of me.  It's good to laugh at yourself. 
We had a great time and even if our clothes were
dampened, our spirits weren't!

Do something fun and wonderful today and
if it's raining where you are, consider going for a walk!

Love, Twyla

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EllenaElizabeth said...

He he....thanks for sharing that funniness. I hate it when my glasses get wet....need mini windscreen wipers for them..imagine how that would look?

Mereknits said...

What a great post! I love that your son took the picture, such a boy thing to do.
Happy Tuesday,

Happy@Home said...

Ha Ha. I love how you didn't let the rain dampen your spirits. We could use some rain around here. When we finally get some I may just take a walk and do a little dance too :).
Thank you for your sweet comments. I think that break was just what I needed.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, Twyla! You look so cute with your wet glasses! :) How fun!

If I need a good cry, all I have to do is walk in the rain and it reminds me of home(Enumclaw) where walking in the rain is a way of life.

It rained all day in Idaho yesterday while I cleaned and organized the spare room. Yup, I finally got all my Christmas decorations put away! (And I'm icing my back as I type!)

Today is sunny and we're having Sara and the grands over for a bon fire and hot dog roast! The children will be so excited.
Hope you have a great day! ♥

vintage grey said...

Oh, how funny!! It looks like it was fun, though!! ;) xo Heather

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

HA! Well, a little rain never hurt nobody. One summer in the States when the boys were younger, they were so excited about a nice summer rain shower that they ripped off their shirts and went dancing around in it. We don't see much rain in these parts. :) Have a terrific rest of the week. Tammy

Shelley said...

I am glad you shared the pictures with us Twyla. Did you try "Singing in the Rain"? I know you must remember that old movie...I love it! Bless you dear friend..

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Twyla!
Good for you to keep up with your walking, even in the rain!
LONG day today...

Shirley Hatfield said...

I agree with the other gals...you look very cute! I need to laugh at myself more...it would be very liberating indeed! =D

Shari said...

Oh you poor thing.. I am trying not to laugh but I am!!!! Thank you for this wonderful story.. and this has happen to me before.. what can you do except laugh!!!! Shari

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I LOVE your pictures, Twyla! Nothing like a brisk and wet walk to put your day into high gear! Even though you're wet, you look beautiful and I can see the affection for your son that he captured on the other side of the lens. Thanks for sharing your candid - and real - life, my friend.

Tresa said...

My husband and I once got caught in a rain storm while walking. We loved it! It had been a long time since I played in the rain. We were lucky because it was a warm day. Cute picture of you!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

Love your pictures! I take a daily walk to the end of our road and back, no matter the weather. Well, not if it's stormy. I've been caught out in many rains too. But I always feel refreshed when that happens.

Nan said...

Twyla I put in my time with walks in the rain, actually they were runs as I was training for a marathon and in my early 40's. I remember running a downpour on Easter Sunday and getting some odd looks from those going by in cars. Yours was much more a pleasure walk in the rain than a training run however and that can be fun. Nan

Kathryn Ross said...

Ha! Well, don't you just know it IS raining here today. Just a little spitting and fitful starts then nothing. Then - all over again. Perhaps - you do tempt me to walk in the rain like a kid again . . .

retrorevival.biz said...

Well you sure look pretty! Even all wet:)