Thursday, February 3, 2011

Be My Valentine

Hello friends!
Another sweet valentine for you all today!
 I love collecting vintage cards and delight when I find really sweet ones like this!
Did you know the first printed paper cards made in the United States appeared around 1840
and that more than 193 million valentine cards are exchanged annually?

Don't forget to leave a comment if your birthday is in February.
Wishing you all a lovely day, Lindsey


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Aw, look at her little glove! She's sweet. ♥

bonniesjunkinthetrunk said...

thanks for all the sweet valentines ... remembering my valentine box we would make at school ... wow what a memorie :o)
thanks too for the tutuorial on the valentine votive ... Love It !

~~Carol~~ said...

I can't get enough of vintage valentines! I'm hoping to add some from the 60s-70s, when I was a little girl, to my collection one day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet! I love the birthday list! Thanks for posting this for all of us! ♥

Cindy Marquis said...

This one is so cute. They had a funny way with puns back when these were made, didn't they?

A Vintage Chic said...

So adorable! Vintage Valentines just make my heart go pitter-patter!

Hope you're having a beautiful day, ladies!


Sandy said...

Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! Have a great week-end. Happy Sewing!