Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello, I'm glad you came to see me today! Isn't this magazine layout from vogue Italy awesome?
I love the chair in her hair! How cool it is to see Barbie in this size perspective! I love it!

And this page from Vogue Japan is quite interesting. I love this Evening Splendor Dress. Always one of my favorite dresses!

This is a new collection of Barbies coming out soon called "Pop Life". They are so pretty and retro! I especially love this blonde one as she reminds me of Barbara Eden from "I Dream Of Jeanie". Does she to you?

What funky hair!!! I like the chairs shown in the photos. I hope that they will come with dolls too!

This is such a cute line! I hope I can collect a couple of them for my collection!

I adore these purses!!!!! They have a whole line of different styles and sizes on They are pretty expensive but oh so cute!!!!!

Maybe I will find one on ebay some day! I really think I need one!

Here is the 1963 Barbie trading card featuring the Sophisticated Lady dress.

Mom and I signed up for the 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party Hosted by Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist. Last year's was so much fun so I hope everyone signs up as I am sure a great time will be had by all!

Wishing you a happy day, Lindsey


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I KNOW you are trying to get me hooked on some more Barbie dolls! I love them all, but,alas, I am running out of room. The doll does remind me of Jeannie and I agree with you that the Evening Splendor is one of my favorites.
Blessings, Sarita

Faye said...

This is a cool blog!Hope you have a great day!Blessings, Faye

TattingChic said...

Those pop life dolls really are cool.
The chair in the model's hair does look pretty!

Have fun with the tea party! I love Vanessa's blog! I will be over for the teaparty for sure (as a visitor). :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Very neat! I used your banner to post Barbies today! Thank you!

Happy @ Home said...

More nice Barbie things here today. Before I read your comment I was thinking that the one Barbie looked like Jeannie.

Holly said...

Hi, Lindsey! At first, I looked and looked for the chair in the hair but I didn't see it until I clicked to enlarge! Ha-ha!

Yeh, that looks like a Jeanie Barbie and the red head has her hair fixed like Ginger from Gilligan's Island would have hers sometimes and the black girl looks like Lutentent Uhuriah (sp?) from Star Trek! Fun stuff!

I'll have to check out the tea party. ♥

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
I love the Barbie Pop Life retro dolls and their chairs.
be sure to share pictures if you manage to get some for your collection. The one with the loopy hair looks great.
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

I like the new pop life barbies, I think I'll have to get one!!! I also like the trading card, love the dress.......Sorry i missed Barbie wednesday, I'll post next week. Hugs to you both!!! Jennifer

KatCollects said...

Happy Wednesday Lindsey,
I hope you are having a good week.

Heidi Ann said...

Wow - those are some FAB Barbies!! Yes, she does look like Jeannie!
I always enjoy your Barbie Wednesday posts so much.

Anonymous said...

I left you two crazy crafters a blog award on my blog, come pick it up!!! I'm not sure if I did it right since it was my first time getting one...hugs, Jennifer

Nikki Sivils said...

Linsey, Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet message on my blog!! I've got my papers posted up now...

I saw a mini album you did called "My Girl" at the Scrap Nook, it was GREAT!! I loved it!! I look forward to meeting you. -Nikki Sivils