Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines and Thrifty fun

It's almost here! I am so ready for Valentine's Day to be here!
I have been having so much fun making decorations and wall hangings.
I love looking for all the bright colorful vintage Valentines at flea markets.
Here is my little vintage valentine inspired mailbox I found the mailbox at Target in the dollar section.

Here are my newest wall hangings I've made.

Saturday, Mom and I headed to our favorite flea markets and I found a whole basket full of valentines. I wanted all of them but unfortunately being individually priced I can rack up quite a bit very quickly so hopefully they will still be there next week and I can buy the rest of them!

Wow for the first time we went into our local thrift stores and we had fun! We had thought about going but just never did and now it will most likely be a weekly stop on our Saturday shopping trip!
I guess the last time I went in a thrift store I thought it was full of junk and old clothes but I hadn't really thought about the treasures that were hidden amongest all that dirty junk. I am very happy that we finally know what we have been missing all these years.

Cute Halloween fabric!
Vintage books!

pretty little ornaments!

Vintage 60's and 70's patterns!
lots of goodies!
A French music book!

Last but not least I thought I would share this little picture of a crochet heart Mom (Twyla) made several years ago. She made a set of four and I think it is so precious!

Okay I am off to bed. Hope you all will have a wonderful night's sleep, Lindsey

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