Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Next year is Barbie's 50th Anniversary! To celebrate they are coming out with this Silkstone Barbie wearing an updated version of the original black & white striped swimsuit.

The American girl Barbie is one of the most desirable. A very small amount of the American girl's were made with there hair parted on the side with a blue headband. One of the side part American Girls can sell for thousands of dollars. These pictures are of the reproduced Side part that came out last year by Mattel.

The vintage Barbie green & blue prom dress has always been a very popular piece of Barbie's wardrobe but She also had this gorgeous pink one!

This vintage reproduction is of an American girl in her pink prom dress being named Campus queen of course!

Barbie & Skipper use to knit. This is a reproduction new this year featuring the "Knitting Pretty" #0957 . Which originally came out in 1964.

I would love to have this dress in my size! The colors are sugary sweet & I love the Barbie print.

This is an older photo of one my vintage Barbie houses. It has a long cord & tab at the top to make the elevator move up & down. I have some of my inflatable Barbie furniture that I picked up at a garage sale a few years ago.

Christmas is coming! FAST! And I have a very special tree to put up in my room that every year I display my collection of Barbie Hallmark ornaments on. I can't wait to show it to you! Here a few of the ornaments that will be on my tree.

Thank you for stopping by today! I leave you with this cute commercial from the early seventies.


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I can't wait to see your Barbie tree. I managed to find a Barbie ornament when I was in LA last month!

Victoria x

Anonymous said...

My sister was the Barbie fan in our family. I recall when she got the first Barbie--in that black and wht. striped swim suit---hers was a brunette, because my sis was, too. You spoke of aging on a recent post. My sis died at the tender age of 40--nearly 20 years ago. As you described "creating" being a way to pass a bit of yourself along (I have to agree with you)--my sis still lives through that Barbie. My niece cherishes her Mom's doll and I know it brings her some bit of comfort to touch it and think of her Mom doing the same so many years ago. While my sis didn't physically "create" the doll, she did "create" lots of happy times as she played with her. So, I guess, it's a reminder of how very happy my sister was in those days--I know that makes her daughter happy, too.
Thanks for paying a visit to my blog yesterday. Jill is an amazing person---a real giving and creating gal. Dana

Unknown said...

Ilove Barbie Wednesday at Twyla and Lindsey's!!! I can't wait to see the Barbie tree, either!

Heidi Ann said...

Twyla - I do the same thing!! My Barbie tree is very special to me. I think I only shared one picture of it last December on my blog, I'll have to do a better post this year. Those Barbies you show from their new catalog are absolutely beautiful! I have Skipper's pink knitting outfit. It was included with the Midge and case I bought from a friend I worked with. But her sweater has holes in it! :(

Lindsay-ann said...

Loved seeing more of your collection. The house is fantastic. Is that part of a boat I can see to the left hand side of the picture?
I think for Barbie's 50th birthday they could bring out a special Barbie whose face has been aged to look 50. That would be fun!
Your Barbie tree sounds great. Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

I love that knitting outfit - especially on Skipper. e-mail me your address, Lindsey - I've got a little something for your collection that I think you will really like. (How's that for a tease?)


I absolutely LOVED my Barbies. I remember my Mom and her sister loading me, my sister, and my cousins up to go get our first one! They had a special promotion at the local dime store. This was not for the first ones, but for the new ones. It made Christmases easy for them for awhile - everything Barbie. We even had the Barbie dreamhouse.


Hilda said...

Oh,I just love Barbie Wednesdays, and you never fail to disappoint! Thanks for all the Barbie eye candy each week!! Oh, and Twyla, I also love Twyla on Tuesdays, too. Don't want you to feel left out! Hee!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Barbie Wednesday too!

I agree with you, about Barbie's
colorful dress, it is adorable!

I love your Barbie Christmas ornaments. You Barbie tree must
look awesome.

I had a Talking Busy Barbie, but
unfortunately, I didn't keep her. I kept other Barbie dolls, from
my childhood. The video was fun to watch.
Thanks for posting the pics of the
new Barbie's coming out for Barbie's 50th.


Dawn said...

Oooo...a Barbie Christmas tree! How cute & I can't wait to see it decorated.

Jenni B said...

How fun! An older girl that lived down the street from me had the dream house too. I LOVED to go over and just look at it. The elevator was SO cool! Those old side part barbies remind me of the Barbie board game my sister and I used to play - we found it at my grandma's house and it was my aunts' favorite game in the fifties and sixties.

Good memories!

Jenni B


Hi Lindsey,
Always enjoy seeing my childhood on your blog:) Are you busy making Christmas paper art?? I am almost done making my Christmas cards..hurray:)
I never had my own tree when I lived at home...lucky you:)
Bye for now.

Alexandra MacVean said...

I so love the blue and green and the pink vintage dresses. Do you think someone would make one for me?? ;)

Chanda said...

Good evening ladies, You ask where Rockford is. It is just alittle west of Chicago. We went to about 2 different thfirt stores each day and there were more. It has a population of about 150,000 people and was once an industrial revolution city. Most of the good paying jobs are gone now, but thats how two of my aunts wound up living there. We enjoyed going to all of the stores and it was a nice break from the hospital humdrum. Hiope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anne Fannie said...

Hello girls, a friend of mine told me to check out your blog because you have Barbie Wednesday. I am a huge Barbie collector, I have every Barbie ever made from 1959 through 1970 and just about every one of their outfits! I haven't found another person that blogs about Barbie before. I am so glad I found you!

Pearl said...

Hi Lindsey... This was a Fun Barbie post! I sooo agree with you about the colorful Barbie dress, and would also love to have one like it to wear... that would be awesome! My sister had the first Barbie, but unfortunately she got rid of it when she decided she was "too old" to play with dolls...

I have the original Skipper... along with her box and many of her outfits... She has red hair and I played with her soooo much, but I took very good care of her. So glad I did, she still looks awesome! I have no idea, though, what she is "worth" today...

Thanks for sharing... It's always such a pleasure to visit... Do take special care... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Heidi said...

I didn't know about next year and Barbie! We'll have to party with the Barbies!

Isn't that one dress the same fabric you just got?

My Barbie still has her pink formal dress like the one you've shown...but mine is quite tattered!!
Hugs, Heidi

Anonymous said...

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